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Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Pedestrian Safety & Traffic Control

Some of the most hazardous safety problems occur at drop off and dismissal time. These include double parking, children crossing in the middle of the street to/from parents who are on the opposite side of the street, walking through the parking lot, and drivers running stop signs at intersections around the school. Please take care and SLOW DOWN when driving around the school. As a pedestrian, use the public sidewalk and be alert when crossing. Only cross Colfax Avenue at designated cross-walks, never in the middle of the street. When possible, the City has placed a crossing guard to assist at the intersection of Colfax & Addison.


Respect our Neighbors

Do not park in front of any of our neighbor’s driveways - not even for “just a minute.” Our neighbors must be able to enter or exit their own driveways at all times! Illegaly parked vehicles will be towed. Please read parking signs carefully to avoid a parking ticket. Colfax Charter Elementary will continue to work with LAPD and LADOT again this school year to address traffic and parking violations that put our students and families at risk and cause disruption to our neighborhood.


Drop off & Dismissal Procedures

As of November 2022, we are using all four sides of our campus for morning dropoff. Gates will be open on Addison, Colfax, Huston and Morella. We always encourage families to park legally in the neighborhood or walk/bike to school if you can.



[SAFETY VALET IS CURRENTLY CLOSED due the the necessity of Daily Pass for COVID-19 protocols.]


When in operation, Safety Valet is available after 7:40 a.m. Please do not drop off your student(s) before then.


In collaboration with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and LAPD, Colfax implements a safety valet program to help prevent accidents and keep our children safe. The valet program is operated by dedicated volunteers every morning. We hope the program will help you get off to a more relaxing morning by reducing traffic jams and promoting child safety.

How can you help? Please follow these rules:

  1. Please have your child's backpack in his/her hands ready before entering the safety valet zone
  2. Make eye contact with the volunteer indicating approval for them to open the passenger door
  3. The volunteer will open and close the car door
  4. All children MUST exit the passenger side/curbside ONLY! Please arrange car seats to facilitate this.
  5. Drivers may not exit their vehicles
  6. Smile and thank our volunteers before you say, "Good-bye, I love you!" to your child. 


Drop-offs are available in the Safety Valet zones only: Morella Avenue, Addison Street & Colfax Avenue

Do not allow your child to exit the vehicle until you have pulled up to the safety volunteer. You are placing your child in harms way when you allow your child to exit the vehicle unattended. You will also cause traffic to back-up because you did not wait for the person in front of you to exit.