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Online Learning Resources


Most of the following resources are free or have free components. Although they have been hand-selected from multiple sources and approved by educators and various districts, we don't represent or endorse any of these vendors.  


Virtual Field Trips

      12 Free Virtual Museum Tours - A list of museums/zoos/aquariums/etc. that offer virtual field trips

      Virtual Field Trip Guides - 20 virtual field trips to take with your kids


Literacy Links

      Fun Brain - Reading & Grammar Games

     Storyline Online - Digital Read-alouds for All Ages

      Just Books Read Aloud - Read-alouds by Reading Level

      Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry 4 Kids - Read, Write, Listen.

      Seussville - Everything Dr. Seuss

      Unite for Literacy - Non Fiction for Little Learners

      Sight Word Play List - Created by Ms. Pinto from Holly Ave

      Reading Rockets - Reading resources for students and parents

 - Reading comprehension at the learner's individual ability level

 - A game for students in the early learning stages of reading

CommonLit - Free access to a range of literature based content that is searchable by literary techniques (Grades 3-12)

      CAASPP - ELA, Math, & Science - Student Interface Practice and Training Tests


Math Links

      Prodigy - Math Practice Made Fun

      Khan Academy - Math and Science Digital Lessons (Grades K-8)

      Math Playground - Games Sorted by Topic/Math Strand

      Fun Brain - Math Games with Grade Level Recommendations

      Mr. - Math Games

      PBS Kids - Math Games for Little Learners

      CAASP - ELA, Math, & Science - Student Interface Practice and Training Tests


Science Links

      Brainpop - Animated Educational Site for Science Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology.

Galileo Anywhere - A week's worth of free activities to inboxes each weekend. Kids engage in engineering and art projects, energizing movement games and live experiences facilitated by expert educators.

      Steve Spangler Science - Science experiments you can do at home with a few items around your house

      Bill Nye - Videos, instructions for in-home demos


Social Science/History Links

      Newsela - Newsela is a curated collection of current event articles for learners (Grades 2-12)

      Crash Course Kids YouTube Channel - Science and Social Sciences Content Videos

      icivics - Students learn more about History through interactive game


Elementary Music

      Music Links - multiple activities to enrich music practice, explore, and have fun with music at home


Enrichment Websites

      APlusMath - Interactive math resources, worksheets, games and more (Grades K-5)

 Earth & Space Science Resources - Lots of free astronomy games (Grades K-5) 

 Life Science - Free human biology and animal biology games (Grade K-5)

 Math Games - Online Math Games with printables (Grades K-5)

 Reading and Writing Resources - Reading and writing resources (Grades K-5)

 Spelling Resources - Spelling activities (Grades K-5)

      Enchanted Learning - Crafts and More!

 - Answer questions to end world hunger (Grades 4-6)

 - Good primer on pollution, acid rain, includes activities (Grades 1-6)

 - Great and safe for Pre-K

      The Science Explorer – Science experiments. Site and instructions are simple and easy to follow!

      Time for Kids (free until the end of the year)

Electives Links & Other Resources

 - Coding: Challenge the Mind & Learn 21st Century Skills 

      Girls Who Code at Home - Unplugged and online activities for students in Grades 3-12

      Arts for Kids - Art lessons for kids

      Directed Drawing - Videos to teach drawing

Free Maker Stations - Design challenges that help learners practice science, technology and music created by Brook Brown.

      Google Arts and Culture - Explore collections from around the world - Art lessons that you can look up by grade level, subject, artist, medium, or art period (Pre-school - College available)

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems - Grab some paper, pencils, and crayons and explore ways how drawing and writing come together.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Infused Home Learning Lessons - Katie Novak & Alison Sancinito created day by day lessons you can print and use tomorrow! They embed authentic choice and resources for your learners at home.

      Dance Mat Typing - Improve Your Touch Typing & Speed

      Directed Drawing: Videos to teach drawing

      Scavenger Hunts: A fun scavenger hunt for each day

      Type Rocket - Practice Your Typing Skills


Health and Wellness

      Family GoNoodle - Gets kids moving and practice mindful activities

      Play at Home - Playworks resources

 Meditations - Guided meditations

      30 Things to Support SEL - A list of home activities to support social-emotional health

      Destressing - Ideas for how to cope with uncertainty


English Learners (ELD)

      Actively Learn - Reading Comprehension Practice


Resources for Dyslexia

Decoding Dyslexia - Comprehensive list of resources aimed at supporting students who have dyslexia or who have disabilities that impact reading.