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September 2020


Hello Colfax Families,


My name is Eddie Gorton and I am honored to be the principal of Colfax Charter Elementary School community. 


I am sure you have many questions regarding your child's educational processes for the 20/21 school year, and we will be doing our best to reach out to you to keep you informed. 


Finally, I have below some quality digital learning resources you may find helpful. 



Family Distance Learning Resources

Most of the following resources are free or have free components. Although they have been hand-selected from multiple sources, and approved by educators and various districts, I don't represent or endorse any of these vendors.  


Virtual Field Trips

      12 Free Virtual Museum Tours -A list of museums/zoos/aquariums/etc. that offer virtual field trips

      Virtual Field Trip Guides – 20 virtual field trips to take with your kids

Literacy Links

      Fun Brain - Reading & Grammar Games

      Storyline Online - Digital Read-alouds for All Ages

      Just Books Read Aloud - Read-alouds by Reading Level

      Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry 4 Kids - Read, Write, Listen.

      Seussville - Everything Dr. Seuss

      Unite for Literacy - Non Fiction for Little Learners

      Sight Word Play List - Created by Ms. Pinto from Holly Ave

      Reading Rockets - Reading resources for students and parents

 - Reading comprehension at the learner's individual ability level

 - A game for students in the early learning stages of reading

      CommonLit: Free access to a range of literature based content that is searchable by literary techniques for Grades 3-12 

      CAASP - ELA, Math, & Science: Student Interface Practice and Training Tests

Math Links

      Prodigy - Math Practice Made Fun

      Khan Academy - Math and Science Digital Lessons Grades K-8 

      Math Playground - Games Sorted by Topic/Math Strand

      Fun Brain - Math Games with Grade Level Recommendations

      Mr. - Math Games

      PBS Kids - Math Games for Little Learners

      CAASP - ELA, Math, & Science: Student Interface Practice and Training Tests

Science Links

      Brainpop - Animated Educational Site for Science Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology.

      Galileo Anywhere- A week's worth of free activities to inboxes each weekend.  Kids engage in engineering and art projects, energizing movement games and live experiences facilitated by expert educators

      Steve Spangler Science - Science experiments you can do at home with a few items around your house

      Bill Nye -  Videos, instructions for in-home demos

Social Science/History Links

      Newsela - Newsela is a curated collection of current event articles for learners gr.2-12

      Crash Course Kids YouTube Channel -  Science and Social Sciences Content Videos

      icivics - students learn more about History through interactive game

Elementary Music

      Music Links - multiple activities to enrich music practice, explore, and have fun with music at home

Enrichment Websites

      APlusMath  – Interactive math resources, worksheets, games and more (Grades K-5)

 Earth & Space Science Resources – Lots of free astronomy games (Grades K-5) 

 Life Science – Free human biology and animal biology games (Grade K-5)

 Math Games – Online Math Games with printables (Grades K-5)

 Reading and Writing Resources – Reading and writing resources (Grades K-5)

 Spelling Resources – Spelling activities (Grades K-5)

      Enchanted Learning – Crafts and More!

 – Answer questions to end world hunger (Grades 4-6)

 – Good primer on pollution, acid rain, includes activities (Grades 1-6)

 – Great and safe for Pre-K

      The Science Explorer – Science experiments. Site and instructions are simple and easy to follow!

      Time for Kids (free until the end of the year)

Electives Links & Other Resources

 - Coding: Challenge the Mind & Learn 21st Century Skills 

      Girls Who Code at Home - Unplugged and online activities for students in Grades 3-12

      Arts for Kids - Art lessons for kids

      Directed Drawing - Videos to teach drawing

      Free Maker Stations - Design challenges that help learners practice science, technology and music created by Brook Brown.

      Google Arts and Culture - Explore collections from around the world

 - Art lessons that you can look up by grade level, subject, artist, medium, or art period (Pre-school - College available)

      Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems - Grab some paper, pencils, and crayons and explore ways how drawing and writing come together.

      Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Infused Home Learning Lessons - Katie Novak & Alison Sancinito created day by day lessons you can print and use tomorrow! They embed authentic choice and resources for your learners at home.

      Dance Mat Typing - Improve Your Touch Typing & Speed

      Directed Drawing: Videos to teach drawing

      Scavenger Hunts: A fun scavenger hunt for each day

      Type Rocket - Practice Your Typing Skills

Health and Wellness

      Family GoNoodle -  Gets kids moving and practice mindful activities

      Play at Home - Playworks resources

 Meditations - Guided meditations

      30 Things to Support SEL -  A list of home activities to support social-emotional health

      DestressingIdeas for how to cope with uncertainty

English Learners (ELD)

      Actively Learn - Reading Comprehension Practice

Resources for Dyslexia

      Decoding Dyslexia - Comprehensive list of resources aimed at supporting students who have dyslexia or who have disabilities that impact reading.


School Hours

"If you're here by 8:00 you won't be late!"


All Grades: 8:05 a.m. Line-Up Bell; 2:33 p.m. Dismissal


Tuesday Dismissal 

1:33 p.m. 


Minimum Day Dismissal

12:50 p.m.

4935 Colfax Ave

The Main Office is located at the NEW Colfax Avenue entrance of the school.

Office Hours 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  


The Colfax Charter Main Office is a hub of parent, student, and event information. Our goal is to provide you an accurate, friendly and timely service. You can support Colfax by following the procedures below and using the 'Colfax Voice' to obtain information. Thank you for your cooperation.  


  • Visitors and Classroom Interruptions

    Classroom interruptions are kept to a minimum. Please plan ahead in order to limit interruptions to the Main Office. Ask your child to check the Main Office for lunch or materials if that is your plan.

The classrooms will not be called and or interrupted for lunch and message deliveries. 


All visitors coming on campus, including parents, must enter through the Main Office, sign the Visitor’s Log and obtain a Visitor’s badge. All visitors must state their business and obtain the permission of the Principal to be on campus.  If you would like to conference with the teacher, please schedule an appointment before or after school.


  • Medications:  Colfax Charter has a nurse on staff one day a week.  If your child needs medication, you must file a medication form with the Main Office. You must provide the prescription information and a supply of the medication in its original, pharmacy container. The Main Office staff will then supervise that the medication is taken as prescribed. Children are not allowed to bring or take ANY type of prescribed or over the counter medications while at school. The medication form can be found here under forms. Please note this form must be renewed each year. The office staff will not administer any medications if there is not a current medication form on file.

  • Absences and Illness:  School attendance is vital to student achievement. Students who develop a pattern of good attendance are more likely to be successful both academically and socially. Please call the office at (818) 761-5115 to report your child’s absence or upon returning to school, please provide a note explaining the absence. If the absence was due to illness, state the type of illness. Please keep your child home if you suspect he or she has an infectious condition.

Please see the "Enrollment" section of the website for more detailed information.

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