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Interested in participating?

Farm Club.pdf

Please print and sign this form if you are interested in working with the Farm Club!

Wish List

Wish List

Want to help contribute? Please peruse our wish list, and drop off any items you’d like to donate either in front of the Farm entrance gate or in the Science Lab. Thanks!!!

Farm Club


The Farm Club

Colfax Farm Club offers a unique learning experience with some special farm animals. Under the supervision of Ms. Leila Wells, and a few parent volunteers, students have the unique opportunity to learn about animals and nature while exploring and developing social skills.

Our farm began almost a decade ago with a few sheep, but has grown to include ducks, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and Charlotte Petunia the pig.


During Farm Club, students participate in cleaning and maintaining the farm, feeding the animals, holding and interacting with the animals, as well as enjoying a lesson relative to the farm, nature or animals. Experiences most elementary students would never get the opportunity to have. Inspiring curiosity and a love and compassion for animals that will hopefully last their entire lives.


Farm Club meets every Friday after school until 4 pm, for all grade levels. (Kindergarteners must be accompanied by an adult.)

If you are interested in having your child participate in this unique learning experience, please sign a permission form in the office or in the Science lab prior to your first visit to Farm Club.


Parent participation is vital, and we welcome volunteers. If you are interested, please speak with Ms. Leila in the Science Lab.

The Rules

1.   LISTEN and follow directions given by Ms. Leila and her volunteer helpers.

2.   BE GENTLE with the animals and with each other, this includes talking quietly, and following the directions given by the adult supervision at FARM CLUB. 

3.   BE AWARE of your surroundings, making sure you handle rakes, scoops, shovels and other equipment or tools appropriately and according to directions given by an adult.

4.   NO TEASING the animals or each other.

5.   NO HORSEPLAY, which means no goofing around, running, throwing things or any other reckless or disruptive behavior.

6.   COOPERATE with others, working together with respect.