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Wish List

Want to help our farm? Please peruse our Wish List and drop off any items you’d like to donate in the front office or in front of the Farm entrance gate on Huston.

Wish List

Monetary donations are also appreciated and tax-deductible! Taking care of our animals and providing for their veterinary needs and care is growing more expensive each year and we appreciate your support.



fresh eggs
Farm Bunny
Farm Peppa


Farm Club
Farm Program

Colfax is the only LAUSD elementary school with fully operational farm! Founded nearly two decades ago, the Colfax Farm is a special place for Colfax families and our Valley Village neighborhood alike. Classes visit the farm on a regular rotation and participate in grade-level appropriate activities that support their classroom curricula in Science, Math & Language Arts. Students first learn about proper animal care, nutrition and handling before interacting with the animals. Older students are given more responsibility and all students can take part in caring for our farm facility and the animals.

There are so many life lessons beyond academics that can be learned in the farm. With a focus on social-emotional learning, the farm provides a calm space where our students can connect to nature and have meaningful hands-on experiences. Our resource teachers use the farm daily with their students and Peppa is training to be a support animal (and learning to play the piano while she's at it!).

During our new two story building construction project in 2020, the farm was moved to its current location to make room for the new parking lot and, in the process, gained new lighting, power, refrigeration, storage, trees and two new brand new red barns for our animals. Thank you to PACE for funding the additional improvements needed to outfit our new farm facility as well as all the annual veterinary care, food and vaccinations we need to keep our animals healthy and happy!


Buddy the Pig
Milly the Sheep
Zoom the Tortoise
Farm Club

The Colfax Farm Club offers a unique learning experience with our special farm animals. Under the supervision of Ms. Leila Wells, our Science Aide, and parent volunteers, students have the unique opportunity to learn about animals and nature while exploring and developing social skills.

Our farm began almost two decades ago with a few sheep but has grown to include pigs, a tortoise, ducks, chickens, turtles, rabbits and guinea pigs as well.

During Farm Club, students participate in cleaning and maintaining the farm, feeding the animals, holding and interacting with the animals, as well as enjoying a lesson relative to the farm, nature or animals. Experiences most elementary students would never get the opportunity to have. Inspiring curiosity and a love and compassion for animals that will hopefully last their entire lives.

In non-COVID times, Farm Club meets every Friday after school until 4pm, for all grade levels. (Kindergartners must be accompanied by an adult.) If you are interested in having your child participate in this unique learning experience, please print and sign this permission form or find one in the front office or in the Science Lab prior to your first visit to Farm Club.

Parent participation is vital and we welcome volunteers. If you are interested, please contact Ms. Leila or indicate your interest on your annual Parent Info Form.


The Rules

1.   LISTEN and follow directions given by Ms. Leila and her volunteer helpers.

2.   BE GENTLE with the animals and with each other. This includes talking quietly and following the directions given by the adult supervision at Farm Club. 

3.   BE AWARE of your surroundings, making sure you handle rakes, scoops, shovels and other equipment or tools appropriately and according to directions given by an adult.

4.   NO TEASING the animals or each other.

5.   NO HORSEPLAY, which means no goofing around, running, throwing things or any other reckless or disruptive behavior.

6.   COOPERATE with others, working together with respect.