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Upcoming School Tours

All tours are complete for the 2021-22 school year. Please check back for our Fall 2022 tour.



Enrollment FAQs

Q: What do I need to enroll my child?

A: Proof of address, original birth certificate, complete immunization records and valid (unexpired!) parent/guardian ID.


Q: What is proof of address?

A: Two consecutive months of a utility bill (DWP or Gas Co), lease agreement, closed escrow paperwork, mortgage statements. 


Q: I live in the the Colfax boundaries. Am I guaranteed enrollment to Colfax?

A: We do not guarantee enrollment for anyone. Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. Students who reside within the Colfax boundaries have priority and in the past few years, we have not had any space issues for enrollment of resident students.


Q: What immunizations are required to enroll in school? 

A: 5 doses of DTP. 4 doses of Polio, 3 doses of Hep B, 2 doses of MMR, 1 dose of Varicella. 

See: Shots for School


Q: When do I know if I have been selected from the lottery?

A: The lottery will create a waitlist. We will not know if we have space available until close to the start of the school year, maybe even after school starts. The waitlist will be posted on our website. You must know your lottery number to see where you are on the waitlist. 


Q: I don't live in the area, how can I enroll in Colfax Charter?

A: You may apply to our lottery through eChoices. The lottery will only create a waitlist. If you are not selected from the waitlist for that school year you must re-apply for the following year's waitlist.


Q: My nephew lives with me and I live in the Colfax boundaries, can I enroll him at Colfax?

A: If you are his legal guardian and can provide legal documentation, yes, you may enroll him.


If you have just moved into the Colfax area and need to enroll immediately, please come into the office with your photo ID and proof of address.


2022 - 2023 Enrollment


Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year will begin for resident students on February 22, 2022.

  • To enroll in Kindergarten, your child must be 5 by September 1, 2022.
  • To enroll in TK, your child must turn 5 between September 2, 2022 - February 2, 2023.  

Please fill out the Pre-Enrollment Form at the link below only if you reside within the Colfax Charter ES boundary. You may check your address here. This is a pre-enrollment form only and does not guarantee enrollment to our school. Once we have received your information we will mail you a letter with instructions on how to enroll. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks to receive this letter.



Lottery applications for non-resident students open October 1, 2021.

If you do not live within the Colfax boundaries (see our boundary map here) you may apply for our Charter Lottery.

As an Affiliated Charter, Colfax Charter Elementary follows LAUSD’s Unified Enrollment process and deadlines for non-resident applicants. If there is more interest than the number of spaces available, a random public lottery will be conducted for non-resident boundary students as described below.


Choices brochure

On-Time LAUSD Unified Enrollment process:  |  Choices Brochure



The six-week on-time application window is from October 1, 2021 - November 12, 2021 at 5pm.

Late applications will be accepted online beginning Feb. 1, 2022 - Sept. 16, 2023. Late applications are put at the end of the waitlist.

The 2022-23 Lottery waitlist order will be published on this website on February 10, 2022 before our prospective parent tour on February 11, 2022.



Lottery Preferences & Procedures

In conducting its admissions lottery, Colfax Charter Elementary shall provide the following admission preferences, in the stated order of priority:                                       

LAUSD Students

  • Siblings - Prospective students who (a) are siblings of students enrolled in grades TK - 4 at Colfax Charter Elementary at the time of the lottery and (b) reside within LAUSD boundaries, but not within the attendance boundaries of Colfax Charter Elementary, shall have second admission preference.
  • Other LAUSD Students - All other prospective students who reside within LAUSD boundaries, but not within the attendance boundaries of Colfax Charter Elementary, shall have third admission preference.

California Students

  • Siblings - Prospective students who (a) are siblings of students enrolled in grades TK - 4 at Colfax Charter Elementary at the time of the lottery and (b) reside in the State of California but not within LAUSD boundaries, shall have fourth admissions preference.


Students who participate in the lottery but are not selected for admission during the lottery shall be placed on a waitlist in the same priority order as above. As seats become available, Colfax Charter Elementary shall fill the seats from the waitlist. This waitlist shall be effective until the end of the programmatic year to which it pertains.


During the month of February, after receiving the list of interested applicants from Unified Enrollment, Colfax Charter Elementary will conduct its public random drawing (lottery) for non-resident boundary students only, if applicable.


Parents of applicants being offered admission through the lottery will be notified in writing by email or mail, depending on the method of application submission within one month following the lottery, and will be provided three weeks to accept the offered seat.


Parents of student applicants who are placed on the waitlist resulting from the lottery may call or visit the school to find out their child’s priority number on the waitlist. Parents of student applicants on the waitlist who are offered admission at any time subsequent to the lottery will receive notification by telephone call and will have to contact the parent/guardian a minimum of three times to accept the offered seat.


Non-resident boundary students who apply for admission after the On-Time application window will be added to the bottom of the waitlist in the order in which their applications are received. Choices Late Applications are processed on a first come, first-served basis beginning February 1, 2022 through norm day of the following school year.  


Colfax Charter Elementary will contact waitlisted and late applicants.  There is no need to call the office to find out of your child has been offered a spot.


School Tours

We offer 2 prospective parent meeting / school tours each year, typically in October and February. (Parents only)


NEXT TOUR: All tours are completed for the 2021-22 school year. Please check back for our Fall 2022 tour later in the year.

Tours are informational only and open to any prospective parents. Please check our website for signups about a month prior to each scheduled tour. Please note that these are the only school tours that we offer to keep interruptions to our classes to a minimum.

We do not schedule private tours, but we invite you to attend one of our upcoming events that are open to the public so you can get a look at the campus. Feel free to stop by on Saturday, April 2, 11am-4pm for Kidchella, our student music festival, or the Colfax World Fair on Saturday, May 14 from 11am-7pm.


Virtual Tour



Colfax Boundary Map

Colfax Charter is a highly desired neighborhood school.  We believe all children should have a quality education, but our responsibility is to serve all of the students living within the Colfax boundaries set by the District.

Please check the Colfax Boundary Map or Search your address to see if your address falls within our current boundaries.

If you do not live within the District defined boundaries, your child will not be able to attend Colfax unless selected during our lottery process. If a question about your address arises, we have the responsibility to check. This may be done by requesting additional utility bills, calling managers or by visiting the address you have listed. Please do not provide a false address when registering. If we find out that you have done so, we are required to transfer your child out immediately. This would be very difficult for your child. Please do not put your child in this position because you falsified your address.


Address Verification

In order to protect the rights of students who currently reside in the Colfax Charter boundaries, the office diligently verifies the address information of all incoming and currently enrolled students.


Here are some of the ways that we verify residency:

Utility Bills - We require two months of utility bills at the time of enrollment.

Closing Escrow Statement - If you are purchasing a home during enrollment you will be required to provide a copy of your closing escrow statement.  You will not be able to enroll until you occupy the dwelling you have purchased.

Lexis Nexis - All addresses will be verified using the research engine Lexis Nexis. We use the research information to determine if a family is currently residing within the Colfax boundaries. The office staff will visit the home determined to be the "probable address" listed in Lexis Nexis. 

Home Visits - At times it is also necessary to conduct home visits. As part of the home visit we will interview neighbors, ask students to show us their room, belongings, and how long they have lived in the home.


If you falsify records at any time during enrollment you will immediately be asked to attend your home school. Falsification of documents will bar you from enrolling at Colfax Charter for one calendar year following the falsification.