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(818) 761-1679


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Janet Ovasapyan

Janet Ovasapyan


Cafeteria Staff:

Jhila Zaman

Jhila Zaman


Rakhi Das (not pictured)



Breakfast, Snack and Lunch time

At Colfax Charter, students can receive nutritionally balanced, free lunches each school day. Children participating in the lunch program learn to make good nutritious choices from the selection of foods offered daily in the cafeteria. Applying these skills to their lives as they grow is an essential key to their good health and success in the future.


Weekly Cafeteria Menus

Food Allergens


All Colfax students have have the opportunity to have free Breakfast in the Classroom during first 10 minutes of the instructional day. (Note: While COVID-19 safety measures are in place, we will not be serving breakfast in the classroom. Alternatively, Grab-N-Go meals will be available for all students to take home for breakfast the next morning.)


Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC)


  • Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) provides breakfast at no charge to students in class, after the first bell or on their way to class.

  • The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), in partnership with the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education, California Food Policy Advocates, LA County Department of Public Health's Choose LA Initiative, and community partners, are embarking a new initiative to serve breakfast to our students through the Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) project. This is a new program LAUSD is implementing to help provide more breakfast meals to our students.


  • In LAUSD, over 553,000 of our students qualify for a free/reduced price breakfast but only 29% of our total school population participates. This means that over 400,000 students may start their school days without breakfast, deprived of an important nutritious meal needed to succeed in class.

  • Our Superintendent and the Board of Education are committed to providing students and schools with resources that will help achieve academic success. Breakfast in the Classroom has assisted students in Houston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Washington, DC, Boston, San Diego, Compton and many other communities. LAUSD’s leadership wants to ensure every student in Los Angeles starts the day ready to learn.

  • When more students eat breakfast at school, more federal and state monies flow to LAUSD, improving the District’s fiscal status.

  • In Los Angeles County, 1.7 million people live in poverty and in food insecure households – households where families face a constant struggle against hunger.




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