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The Team

Room 5 Ms. Smart 


Room 6 Mrs. Steele

Room 7 Mrs. Mayberry



Room 9 Mrs. Stresino



Room 12 Mrs. Maynes

1st Grade

First Grade

The first grade team is a very cohesive group. We work together to come up with lessons that meet the Common Core Standards while differentiating the curriculum for the diverse needs of our students. We love the grade level we teach because this is the year the light bulbs turn on for so many of our students and they learn to love learning. Knowing we have a part in this is a true joy! 


Our goals are to help children develop a positive self-image and self-confidence with the cooperation of the home, school, staff and community. We will provide an opportunity for our students to develop in academic areas to the best of their abilities. We support those students needing additional help, along with those who need additional challenges. We strive to develop an understanding of each other in addition to fostering the concept of self-motivation, leadership and creativity.  


We aim to provide the students with the best possible, well-rounded education, helping them to become responsible, productive individuals who achieve academic excellence. We are pleased to be able to offer Suzuki Violin instruction as well as the fundamentals of art and design, in addition to computer sciences. 


The first grade academic curriculum includes Benchmark, Write from the Beginning, My Math, Health and Wellness, Mind Up, Physical Education, Violin, TCI Social Studies and our own created NGSS Science program, including Mystery Science.